About Me

My name is Estelle and I am from Somerset. I am 21 and have recently graduated from Cardiff University with a BA in English Literature. I am now teetering on the edge of my adult working life in search of my dream job. My favourite film is About Time and my favourite book is Jodie Picoultโ€™s Small Great Things. I love cooking, walking, gym-ing, travelling and spending time with my friends.

I have been wanting to create a blog for a while, and now that I am no longer writing for my degree I decided that now is the perfect time. Whilst I have a few ideas, I am going against a lot of the popular advice on the internet and am not going to confine my blog to one particular theme or topic. I want to write about my uni experience, my current trepidations in the world of job hunting, and various random thoughts and experiences along the way. If that means I come to find a theme then great! But why wait?

So feel free to join me on my new and exciting journey of blog writing!

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